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Spirit Orb Size and Color

Can spirit orb size and color be interpreted without a shadow of a doubt? Of course not; after all, nothing is certain when dealing with the paranormal! However, investigators can surmise at the various meanings. For example, a large, pulsating orb may be echoing the energetic aura of one person, or it may contain the souls of several.

Colors could be considered much like the mood rings of the 1970s, with each color signifying a particular personality trait or feeling. Some people connect the following colors and meanings to orbs, although these are, of course, open to interpretation as well.

  • Lavender/Light Blue

    : Peace

  • Green

    : Fertility

  • Red

    : Energetic, restless

  • Browns

    : Earthy, natural

  • Pink

    : Loving, open

  • Yellow

    : Hesitant, cautious

  • Orange

    : Healing, health